Body Transformation: A 360 Degree Metamorphosis

My name is Ryan and I have undergone a dramatic transformation. In the past 13 months, I went from 310 pounds to 190 pounds and competed in my first bodybuilding competition in the men’s physique category. I was able to do this so quickly because I decided that it was time to change. I gave it my absolute 100 % and I was rewarded greatly. I now have a healthy body to be proud of and it’s just the beginning!

I was making bad decisions in my life. I was hanging out with the wrong people and making bad decisions. I was drinking too much and just not caring about my health at all. I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough and my transformation began. I was able to stay motivated because being in shape was always a dream of mine and I knew if i worked hard I could make it happen. I started following guys in the bodybuilding world like Sadik Hadzovic and I found motivation in how amazing their bodies were. Once I got on a roll of losing weight and eating healthy, I ran with the momentum and never stopped. I couldn’t be happier now that I am healthy and feel good everyday when i wake up.

Sadik Hadzovic is my biggest motivation. He is a very humble guy with an insane work ethic. Any of his videos on YouTube are my biggest motivation

I was able to accomplish my goal by training 6 days a week. I lifted 6 days a week and split the body parts up to hit everything evenly on a weekly basis. After I did my weight training, I would do 30-40 minutes of cardio, mostly HIIT training to keep the heart rate going up and down. As far a supplements, I took fish oil, multivitamin, vitamin B6, biotin, and of course pre-workout and BCAA’s during my workouts. I would say my success was mostly from my diet. I kept to eating the same things all the time which is what leads to success. I ate a lot of oatmeal, egg whites, sweet potato, jasmine rice, broccoli, asparagus, chicken breast, lean beef, and lean turkey. The training is important, but if you don’t eat right the results will not be there.

This is just the beginning for me. Now that i have leaned out to my lowest weight ever, it is time to build a lot of muscle. I would eventually like to get into fitness modeling as well as furthering myself in the bodybuilding shows. I believe it is important to keep setting new goals in the gym to keep yourself engaged and on track.