Making Children’s Bedspreads

Making Children’s Bedspreads

When making children’s bedspreads need to be looked at in a whole different way.  Durability is a big concern since children tend to play on or under bedspreads.  Children’s bed spreads will also need to be washed a lot more often then adult’s bed spreads.  The trick here is trying to get optimum durability with low cost.  Remember, children do not stay small for long and their tastes such as favorite colors, action heroes or heroines, and even designs can change quickly.  Their bed size will also change.

Working with children in picking out bedspreads and designing their rooms can be great fun.  It is a chance for a child to learn how to express theselves as well as learning how to decorate.  A child who has more input in choosing his/her own bedspread and accessories may take more pride in keeping a room orderly.  You can also have your children help in making the bedspread!  It may take a little longer but it is a great learning and bonding experience.

Making Bedspreads in General
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For those with ambition and time, there are a number of ways to make bedspreads.  For those with plenty of scrap material or even material from cut off jeans or slacks, patch work quilts or spreads can be made into a bedspread.  The patch work can either have specific size squares or rectangles or have an irregular combination of sizes fitted together.  To  determine the number of squares or rectangles,  just figure the width and length of the bedspread you want and divide by the size of the patches you use.  Give yourself a 1/2 inch extra on all sides of each patch for sewing them together.

Sheets can be used in the making of the bedspread as a backing.  Sheets work better than buying fabric because you will avoid having a seam going through the bedspread.  You can also find flat sheets on sale that can end up costing less than buying material by the yard.  Also you can give the bedspread a nice finished look by making an edge of the same pattern as the backing.

It can also be fun to use patches from childrens and adults old clothes.  It can bring back favorite memories for everyone.  Patches can vary in design while matching in color or shades of the same color.  They can vary in color and be the same design, or they can be a mixture of both.